Donn Hewes 








Donn’s first horse was a mule, and it all started with plowing in a small garden in Olympia, Washington in 1994.  The first mules were runaways, but with some great help from mentors and friends Donn learned the skills to harness, drive and work his first team.  He was hooked!

Today Donn with his wife Maryrose Livingston have operated the Northland Sheep Dairy in Central NY for 12 years where Maryrose milks the sheep and makes farmstead cheese.  Donn does almost all of his farm work with horses and mules.  They do use a tractor for loading the compost and cleaning barns.  They have also hosted many interns through the years and this is where Donn found his passion for teaching teamster skills to others.


Scott Hoffman 








Scott began working horses with Donn in 2013 and managed the teamster department at Essex Farm in 2014. He and Aubrey Schatz operate Hoxie Gorge Farm, a diversified farming operation co-located at the Northland Sheep Dairy.