Summer Internship available – Northland Sheep Dairy, Marathon, NY

This internship is focused on teamster training. You will learn to care for, harness, and work draft horses and mules. Grazing of horses and sheep will also be taught and practiced in this internship.

Ideally we would like our intern to start in the first week of May and last until mid-September.  We are somewhat flexible on those times.  After lambing and spreading some compost for a few weeks we spend most of the summer making hay whenever the weather permits.  We will also do some plowing and other field work for another couple living here and starting a vegetable operation.  

We do all our field work and hay making with horses and mules. Heavy lifting is required for summer hay making. Our intern will also help in daily chores, mostly involved in taking horses and mules to and from pasture, moving fences for them, and moving fences for a lamb flock which is sometimes over a mile away on a neighboring farm.

We pay a stipend of $120 a week, but feel very strongly that this is an educational program.  There are very few other places where you can learn as much about driving horses and mules as you can here -- you will have your hands on the lines from the start!

You will be housed in a small apartment with wood stove, gas cook stove, sink, and fridge that is all set up for an independent person. We provide you with some meat and vegetables, and a small amount of sheep milk from the farm, but we do not regularly cook or eat together.

If you are interested in learning more about our internship, don't hesitate to call Donn at (607) 849-4442, or email:  The next step would be to send a us a brief letter of interest describing your farming plans or goals, learning objectives for this internship, and a work history with at least one reference.  We would also like to plan a one day visit if at all possible.